Similar to the Energy Star® program, the EPA has introduced the WaterSense® program to raise awareness about the importance of water efficiency and ensure the performance of water-efficient products.

The WaterSense label makes it easy for consumers to recognize products and programs that save water without sacrificing performance or quality. Independent, third-party licensed certifying bodies certify that products meet EPA criteria for water efficiency and performance by following testing and certification protocols specific to each product category. Products that are certified to meet EPA specifications are allowed to bear the WaterSense label

The WaterSense program currently specifies labeling of water-saving products that perform better than the industry standard, including bathroom sink faucets (1.5 gpm or less at 60 psi), urinals (0.5 gallons per flush [gpf] or less), showerheads (2.0 gpm or less at 80 psi) and high-efficiency toilets for residential use (1.28 gpf or less). The WaterSense program also specifies a minimum performance level for products it certifies to assure consumers the products will perform well. The bathroom sink faucet specification applies to residential lavatories, bar faucets and private restrooms in hotels and hospitals.

WaterSense is continually working to expand the number of products and service programs that qualify for the label.