Project Type: Children’s Hospital
Location: Calgary
Engineering Category: New Construction

This Children’s Hospital was the first free-standing comprehensive pediatric facility built in Canada in 20 years. The Emergency Department in the new hospital was designed to accommodate 60,000 visits per year.

The facility will have 129 beds. 105 of them will be single patient rooms which is an important factor in preventing the spread of infection and illness. The hospital has been designed to further excellence in family centered care with enhancements like daybeds for parents in patient rooms.

Children and families who rely on care from the hospital have been included in the design process of the new hospital to ensure it meets the needs of those it serves.

Our products fulfilled the broad range of needs from surgeon scrub faucets to nursing stations to public washrooms.

Select Products Installed:
3000T – Electronic Scrub Faucet
23C – Widespread Deck Faucet
26C – 8” Deck Faucet
27C – 8” Deck Mount Faucet
28C – Wallmount Faucet
81T – Flush Valve